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Everyday Savings & Discounts

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Everyday Savings & Discounts

Offered by BenefitHub
$4900 in average annual savings.
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Shop and save thousands on brands you love!

We are excited to announce our partnership with BenefitHub, an exclusive Discounts & Rewards marketplace as a benefit for our members. The marketplace features discounts on nearly anything you can think of and use on a daily basis. Just click the button to launch, no login required! Start saving instantly.

  • Hotels, car rental and vacation packages
  • Tickets to movies, concerts and sporting events
  • Local restaurants, gyms, and shops
  • TVs, computers, smartphones and other electronics
  • Apparel, shoes and accessories

With over 10,000 brands, 200,000 offers and 1,000,000 products, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. The marketplace is easy to use and includes deals on all the brands you know and love, including Disney, Apple, Hertz, AMC Theaters, Verizon and much more. As well as discounts from your favorite local establishments. Members also receive a Cashback Rewards where you can earn 2% - 20% cash back on nearly all purchases. 


  • Your cashback will accrue in your account and is sent directly to you when redeemed 
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can redeem cashback
  • Discounts and perks are made available for your business and all of your employees

Great Savings

  • Real and relevant deals offering something for everyone. Employees can find incredible savings of up to 60% on hotels, 39% on movie tickets, 60% on apparel ... and more! 

All the Brands You Love

  • With thousands of national brands in over 20 categories and 110 subcategories, you can find amazing deals on what you want, when you want it. Nike, Gap, Hertz, Sprint, Curves, Disney and more!

Rich Cash Back

  • To enrich the amazing discounts, over 70% of the offers provide cash back, too! Tracked in the portal for easy access and redeemable at any time, cash back is a big engagement booster

Local Deals

  • Our smart technology and dynamic maps use geolocation to show ‘deals near you’ for shopping on the go.
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